How To Be Healthy Feet


Feet tell the inner health of your body. The healthy feet are always adding great to your beauty as well as personality. These are the essential part of all our activities. So they must be properly cared. Common Medicated Problems of Feet; Thought the feet should be cared by one’s own self but certain foot problems which are called by doctor. Poor blood circulation, the poor blood circulation in feet causes the cramps and stretching of feet muscles. Diabetic feet are much more be cared by doctor. Because a small carelessness of such feet cause great problem to them, any injury or wound to feet must be attended by doctor.

Home Care of Feet; there are certain tips for home care of feet. These are following;

  • To clean your feet regularly after small intervals is the important feature. For this purpose take warm water in a tub and add into it some salt and put your feet into it. After this add some cleansing shampoo in it and rub your feet with it. So that it will clean your feet.

How To Be Healthy Feet

  • The toenails are also properly trimmed and cuticle is removed from the nails.
  • If cracked heals, these are also rubbed with scrubber.
  • After cleansing moisturize your feet with suitable Vaseline or massage your feet with olive oil daily before to sleep. It will also improve the blood circulation of your feet.
  • Exfoliation of your feet is also necessary because to remove the dead cells improve the growth of new cells. So it should be done twice in a week.

How To Be Healthy Feet-


  • As our feet are more close to earth and dirt, so their complexion get blemish easily. So to retain their complexion you should use whitening lotions and creams as for your face.
  • If you are doing some field work and your feet remain covered inside the socks and shoes you should ventilate them properly. So they get oxygen and remain fresh.
  • Do the foot exercises by moving our feet from ankles and stretching and relaxing your foot muscles. You may give comfort to your feet.
  • If you have corns or calluses then release the pressure points of your feet and wear the comfortable shoes as far as the problem is not cured because otherwise it will become chronic and create uneasiness.

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  • If your feet are sweaty and smelly then it’s a very favorable condition for growth of bacteria. These feet are cared in such a way that cleaned properly dried with soft towel and should not be wet between toes. Then cotton socks should be used to absorb the sweat. These socks are changed daily and washed with hot water. Usually try to wear the shoes which are airy.
  • These are the common tips should be adopted on daily basis for primary care of feet.