How to Change Your Makeup Routine for Winter


How to Change Your Makeup Routine for WinterSeasonal changes call for a little amendment in your makeup routine. The best thing about winterizing your beauty regimen is that it help gets you in the spirit of winter season and refurbish your entire look. A few changes that you need to make in your beauty regime to winterize it are;

Makeup Routine Step By Step

Use rich, Creamy Foundation

Creamy Foundation

Although summertime is the ideal time for light, mineral foundation or tinted moisturizer, you skin may need more hydration during cold-weather months. So, as soon as winter start, switch to a heavier, creamy foundation that can deeply nourish and hydrate your skin. Look for a foundation with a healthy dose of SPF, moisturizing ingredients and herbal extracts.

Switch to Creme or Gel Blusher


Powder blusher is not an elegant choice for dry skin. So if your skin gets excessively dry during harsh winter season, switch out the powder blusher for a cream or gel one. Rich, crème formulas delivers dewy-soft color to your cheeks.

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Eye puffiness is common with cold and flu season. Don’t let puffiness or dark rings keep you from flaunting a bright, fresh face to the world in wintertime. Simply mask them up with a yellow-toned under-eye concealer. Use a shade lighter than your foundation to brighten up your eyes.

Keep Your Lips Spectacular

Lips Spectacular

Maintain fabulous-looking pouts all through the winter season by exfoliating them regularly with a soft toothbrush or a gentle lip scrub, especially before applying lipstick. Creamy lipsticks are best for colder months as they help your lips to stay smoother and quenched. Rich red and rose red lipsticks are overwhelming option for winter.