How To Choose Nail Polish


Nail color is comes in various formulas, shades and colors giving ladies various options for manicure and pedicure. However, picking the right nail polish shade that goes well with your skin tone is somewhat tricky. Here are few tips that will help you with the task of choosing right nail polish shade for you.

Tips to Choosing Nail Polish


The selection of nail polish color is similar to the selection of blush and lipstick. It can be chosen in accordance with your natural skin tone. Knowing you skin undertones and having the knowledge of which nail polish colors and undertones can work well for your skin tone is necessary to pick the perfect nail polish color.

  • Pale/Light skin tone: Those with pale or light skin undertones should settle on blue, pink or yellow-based nail polish shades.
  • Medium skin tone: For medium and olive skin tones, pink or yellow-based shades are ideal.
  • Dark skin tone: If your skin tone is dark you can go for any shade or color nail polish shade.

The best way to figure out which shade and colors works well for your specific skin tone is to try out different undertones with your skin before paying for any. The frequency with which the polish will be worn is another aspect that should be taken under consideration while picking any particular nail polish color.

Where to wear

The environment, situation and one’s lifestyle are three elements that decide where to wear a nail polish and where should not. For instance, use of any kind of cosmetics, including nail polish, isn’t allowed in most institutions and if you wear it you are consider as going against the rules. However, when any event takes place in your institution, you are allowed to wear it.

For most festive events and evenings, bright colored nail polish can work as an accent or accessory to your attire. Nowadays, the trend of using matching lipstick and nail polish is ‘in’.


Sporting nail polish often can wreak havoc to your nails therefore it is advised to ensure giving rest to your nails for one or two week. Don’t forget to read the label before paying for any nail polish. Find out the polish that is lacking abrasive chemicals such chemicals as Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin, since these chemicals are very dangerous for your health.