How to Clean Clogged Pores


How to Clean Clogged PoresWhiteheads and clogged pores may become a permanent problematic or you if your skin pores are not cleaned properly. So a detailed skin care regimen is necessary for getting problem free and glowing face. Using a skin pore tool is a best way to clan the gunk out of pores.

Through this little effort of few minutes, you can get healthy and clean skin.

  1. Before starting the process of skin pores’ cleaning firstly you need to prepare your skin. Get you skin wet by wiping washcloth over your face
  2. The skin pore tool, which is also known as come done extractor, has a metal loop on the end. Use the metal loop clean
  3. Put a little pressure on the skin pore tool to force the sebum out of the pore. Continue pressing until the pore empties
  4. Clean the tool with isopoylic alcohol to clean it up between each hole.
  5. If you are aiming to get rid of whitehead, you should switch to the piercing side of tool. When white head erupts, release the sebum by poking it gently.
  6. Using moisturizing creams and lotion is necessary in order to keep the skin healthy, beautiful and glowing. Moisturizers prevent the small pores from getting clogged. However its excess use may keep enlarged pores open, so if you are suffering through enlarged pores, just apply the moisturizer before going to bed.

Homemade Pore Refining Mask

Facial masks help you in removing impurities and debris within the pores. There are several facial masks are available on the markets but they contain harsh chemicals, which may cause skin irritation and give a way to breakouts. You can prepare a quick and budget-friendly pore refining mask by combining one egg, one tablespoon of honey and half cup of coconut oil. Beat all ingredients well and freeze in an ice cube tray overnight. Next day, apply one cube to the facial skin and let it dry for at least ten minutes. Then wash with warm water and mild face cleanser.