How To Clean Your Face


How To Clean Your FaceThere is a right way to facial cleansing so your skin not only removes the dirt it accumulates but also helps keep clean your pores deep down and that will not only help your acne, but it will prevent the skin issues too.

So today we are going to try two different way to clean your face, one is the simple one that we do when we use skin cleaning products and one when we use home remedies for that, first of all we will use the simple one when we use products and we are going to pretend that you actually know hat kind of skin care product you should use and you have already bought those things and you have one cleaning milk, one scrubber, skin tone and few mask that you use to seal the impact.

When you finish your day and you are getting ready to get in the bed then you just need to wash your face and sit down somewhere calmly can comfortably and take your cleaning milk and as you know there are two ways to use it massage with it or use a cotton ball and wipe the skin dust with it, so just dip your cotton balls in it and wipe your face with it from forehead to your neck and then take a small about of daily scrub and scrub for one whole minute and after that wash your face and apply some skin tone and you are ready to go to bed after applying some moisturizer.

It is good and you do get clean and healthy skin, but if you have sufficient time then try my way of cleaning your skin and I bet you would love it, you just need to add or skip things according to your own skin type, I love this way and I don’t buy things that are ready to use, cause if I don’t know the procedure way they picked to make it I will not risk my skin with it.

First to all let me tell you that I have a normal skin that get a bit dry in winter and a bit oily in summer so first of all you need to take any essential oil and one capsule of Vitamin of E, A and massage your face for whole 20 minutes, from your face to neck and make sure you are applying some pressure very slightly and now when you feel that it is fully absorbed and your face is getting a bit red then take a wet worm cotton towel and spread it over your face for one minute and then wipe it off and you will feel a instant soft and smoothness in your skin.

Now take one table spoon raw sugar and add one tea spoon olive oil and scrub your face with it and then wash your face with running water and tab dry your face now if you have dry skin then you are ready for bed, but if you have oily skin then you need to apply any mask that you use for your face and if you want my recipe then you need to mix one tea spoon of clay with rose water and apply over your face and now we will make a toner that will not only seal the impact but it is really good for fair skin and healthy glow, you need to take one vitamin C tablet that you dissolve in water to drink and then mix it in one teaspoon rose water and when it is fully dissolve you just need to add one capsule of Vitamin A or E and mix it well now you can use it for two times so best is take a small container for that and now you just need to take a small linen piece or a small sponge and apply this over your face and go to sleep.