How to Create a Nicki Minaj-inspired Makeup Look


How to Create a Nicki Minaj-inspired Makeup LookSince her first album release in 2010, Nicki Minaj has claimed her share in American rap industry as an esteemed female rapper. Known for more than just her singing and rap skills, Nicki Minaj is always a show-stopper whether it’s in her exaggerated looks in song videos or the red carpet events. Replicating a Nicki Minaj-inspired makeup look calls for a little creativity and courage in experimenting with some bold color combos.


The first step in replicating Nicki Minaj’s makeup look is to create perfectly shaped brows. A quality eyebrow kit like Brow Zings which contains a handy tweezers for dull, stray hairs, two shades of brow makeup and two brush applicators for trouble-free application, best serves this purpose. The shades come with the kit are dark enough to fill-in sparse brows but light enough not to look overwhelming on the face.


Like all other makeup look, this look too warrants evened out, smooth complexion. It’s important to pick a foundation that can blend well into the concealer for camouflaging any flaws on the facial skin such as dark rings, spots, blemishes etc. The final look of your face should be matte-like, without any shine. I recommend you to use MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Foundation for achieving this look. This gives smooth coverage, reduces shine and blends well with other products.

Unlike most of the looks, Nicki Minaj-inspired makeup look warrants the use of a bold color to highlight the cheekbones. Use a bright-pink blush from the smile line to the upper cheekbone.


Nicki Minaj’s eye makeup is multidimensional in color. First of all, purchase a set of falsies. You can easily find fake lashes in drugstore beauty aisle; they are a bit tricky to apply however. Using scissors cut down the lashes into small sections for easy application. Lashes with a longer wing towards the outer corner of the eye are best for creating Nicki’s eye makeup look. Don’t forget curling your original lashes before applying and add jet-black mascara.

Delineate your peepers with a dark jet-black liquid eyeliner. While the upper line should be all-encompassing sweeping from the inner corner of eye all the way upto the outer one, the lower line should start from the mid towards the outside corner.

You’ll be in need of three eyeshadow shades to get Nicki Minaj’s eyes. The first shade is bolder and applied closest to the lash line. You can use any color from turquoise to shimmering white. The second one is a bright pink shade and is worked across the middle of the eyelid. And use pale shimmering as the last shad and dab it just underneath the brow line.


Add zing to your pouts with Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick and a corresponding Viva Glam Nicki Lipglass, and you’re done.