How To Deal With Wrinkles Are Using Some Home Remedies Treatment


We all know that what is main reason of fine line and wrinkles, it is just a lack of moisturizer and lack of collagen in our skin, but it is not a very big issue, you can solve it with food and with some simple home remedies, but today I am going to try some simple cosmetic tricks to hide these fine lines, but I am also pretending that you are eating well and you are using some of those home remedies too to treat these issues from inside out.

Here are some ways to hide the old age issues.

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Normally we add too much foundation or concealer to hid the complication of our skin, like scars, fine lines, pigmentation and other skin issues, which is totally bad and wrong and it only make things worse, so the key is pick the foundation or concealer with good coverage and transparent finish and always apply the minimum amount of foundation or concealer on your face, too much product only make things worse.

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If you are using heavy foundation then instead of apply a lot of it apply some moisturizer on your face and then some serum and then take some foundation and concealer in your hands and rub it between your palms and apply all over your face with your own hands, nothing is a better way to apply foundation or concealer on your face then your own hands, fingers are the best brush possible.

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Always pick two shades of foundation one similar to your own skin tone or a bit lighter and then one half shade darker, now the key to get perfect cheeks is take darker shade and apply over your T-zone and then take lighter shade and apply over your cheeks and that is the best way to plum up your cheeks and that is very good way to make your blusher perfect too, and this is one trick that anyone can use to get beautiful cheeks and healthy face.

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If you want to hide the crow feet around your eyes then the best way to do that is highlight your eyes, make them beautiful and fascinating and use creamy shades unless you are an expert with your shades and never ever use golden or bright shades at the outer corner of your eyes, this would be the most horrible thing you would ever do to your eyes in this age, these shades would get set in the fine lines and will make them more prominent.

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At the end I would give you a simple mask that you can use everyday preferably before makeup, you need to take juice of a big lime and then add full cream milk powder in it and mix it well and if you need more liquid then you can add some tomato juice in it and apply that over your face for 20 minutes and then rub it off and wash your face with chilled water, and then apply makeup and you need to do that to see the difference.