How to Deep Condition Hair at Home

How to Deep Condition Hair at Home
How to Deep Condition Hair at Home

Hair conditioning restores the lost moisture to the hair thus makes them healthy, shiny and silky. Usually people visit salons and spend dollars to get their hair deep conditioned but it is not such work that can’t be done at home. You can deep condition your hair easily at home if you know the basic steps to do so. If you want to get salon quality outcome at home then read on…. We are guiding you the perfect way of deep conditioning.

1. Mayonnaise

Get hair wash and pat dry your hair using a soft and hygiene towel. Then put on mayonnaise over the entire hair with gentle hands. If you have oily scalp, avoid applying mayonnaise over the scalp. Wrap the entire hair with a plastic cap or a towel and leave it on for 60 minutes. Take the cap away and wash the hair gently and finally wash them using regular shampoo.

Condition Hair at Home-

2. Aloe Vera & Honey

Mix even amounts of Aloe Vera gel and honey together and put on the mixture throughout the hair gently. Leave the recipe on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse off using normal water. This natural hair conditioner does wonders to your hairs leaving them polished and well nourished.

If the natural color of your hair is black, then it is advised not to use this treatment because honey lightens the hair color.

Condition Hair at Home

3. Eggs and Olive oil

Take the yolk of two eggs and whip them thoroughly. Next, pour one teaspoon olive oil into it and beat again. Then after, dilute the mixture by adding 1 cup of tepid water to it gradually. Apply the solution to your hair and keep it on for ten minutes. Finally give a shampoo and cold water bath to the hair. This egg-olive oil conditioner will make the texture of your hair silky.