How To Do Pearl Facial At Home


How To Do Pearl Facial At HomePearl facials are very popular among people as they are believed to be very helpful for the skin. Besides nourishing the skin, a pearl facial can brighten up your complexion and makes it softer and suppler. Moreover, it helps removing tan and holding back the premature aging.

Here is a simple guide to at-home pearl facial.

Things Required:

The items required to create an ordinary pearl face pack include just pearl powder and water. However, for increasing face pack’s versatility and make it help different skin conditions, you’ll be in need of a few other ingredients such as fresh cream, honey, olive oil etc.

Pre-facial Necessities:

It is of utmost importance to start facial with an utterly cleansed skin. Cleanse your face as well as neck with a mild cleanser to get rid of dust and impurities that might have present on your skin. After cleansing, your skin is ready for facial.

It is highly recommended to test the pack over a small skin are before you put it onto your entire face in order to detect any adverse reaction of pearl powder on the skin. If any irritation or burning occurs, rinse the paste off immediately.

How to prepare the paste?

There are more than one options of the pearl facial, the simplest of which is to combine a little pearl powder with water to get a consistent paste and massage it into your skin light-handedly using circular motion. Let the mask exercise its effects over your skin for almost fifteen minutes and then rinse off. If you have extra-dry skin, you may want to add a few drops of olive oil to the pearl face pack to relieve your dehydrated skin.

By adding of fresh milk cream to this pearl paste you can create a wonderful mask for acne prone skin. It nourishes the affected skin, leaving it well-moisturized naturally.

If you want the pearl face pack to help prevent wrinkles and skin droopiness, add an egg white to this paste. This helps firm up the skin.