How to Enjoy Summer As a Teenager


How to Enjoy Summer As a TeenagerSummer vacation is a very happy time and very memorable too and at the same time you could get the lifetime issues during that time too if you enjoy carelessly and take too much sun exposure, so here are some very good and very useful tips for you to enjoy your holidays without any horrible memory an painful moment.

First of all if you are in your teens then avoid making any kind of programs out of your city or country without your parents and honestly saying I think you would love your holidays if you go with your family rather than just friends and if your friends are kids of some family friends then you people can make some planes together and enjoy some friends and family time together.

Now let me help you with your packing, you should pack some shorts, but don’t forget to pack rapes too, if you are taking some binkies then add some long dressed and some rapes too to cover your body while it is too hot and sun is right in the middle of the sky cause that is the time when the sun is in its worst state for its harmful rays.

Add some sunglasses and if you are not taking matching glasses then buy one branded one which you can use with every dress, but the reason I recommend branded one is if they are a name they would make the best sunglasses possible and trust me this is the most important thing you need while you are on your exotic holidays.

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Take lots of towel and long rapes and scarves that could help you while you are on beach and gating natural tan. Take lots of sun block and take all kind of sun blocks, I mean one that you can apply with your hands, spray one, thick one and that you can use with your foundational and never forget to get take sun block gel for eyes and hair serum for hair.

Take some medicated petroleum jelly for your lips and you can use them for your eyes if you forget your eye creams too. Now you need one beach bag too where you can keep all these sun blocks, lip shiner and other things with you when you go out and never forget to take your own picnic mat in it and never forget your own towel too.

Now you are ready to go to exotic holidays, but you need to understand that you are in your teens which means you are at the highest risk of getting skin issues and skin disease and this is the time when you could get the worst skin burn cause your skin is soft and delicate and it has much more chances to get skin related diseases and sun burn so take care of yourself.

Drink lots of water and don’t go out in sunshine if you had alcohol this will make you a much more easy target of sun burn and listen to your family and mums cause they know the best and they know they better and they are not trying to snatch your foredoom or they don’t hate watching you having fun, if they were, they would never have taken you such kind of palaces and spend their money on you, they say all such kind of things cause they love you and they don’t want you to get hurt.
Be careful and enjoy your holidays.