How To Feel Better During Your Period


Being a female is really wonderful until the horrible time of periods comes. The majority of women experience a lot of discomfort and pain during these days. However, you don’t have to feel sick or uncomfortable anymore; we have a few suggestions for you by following which you will definitely feel better during periods.

Avoid Stress

Try to evade stress as stress is known to be the chief cause of most of the modern issues. So, steer clear of stressful situations as much as it’s possible especially during this dreaded time since stress makes the flow heavier.

Warm Water Bath

Most women have a misconception that taking shower during the periods doesn’t make you feel much hygienic. It’s wrong in fact. Don’t despair; rather pay attention to your sensations and make sure to take warm water bath daily or on alternate days. This will eases cramps. Add some fragrant body-wash in the water to boost the effect.

Warm Up

To alleviate muscle contractions and feel good during these quite annoying days, put a warm water bottle on the inferior part of your tummy, or wrap-up in a mantle to get warm.


Take medicine if you experience a lot of pain during your period. A number of pain relieving drugs such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen or any over the counter medication to ease cramps may help.

Eat Delicious Foods

Eating something delicious when you are not feeling good either physically or mentally can make you feel better instantly. However, be sure to eat healthy and nutritious food not junk items.

Engage Yourself in an Interesting Activity

Get engaged in an activity which you enjoy a lot and that can make you feel good and happy. Think about chatting with your pals, reading your favorite magazines or doing puzzles etc.

Get Into Comfortable Dress

Wear cozy and comfortable clothes. The bad feeling that you experience during periods usually keeps you from heading outdoors, so, stay at home and don something in which you feel comfortable.