How To Find The Right Hairstyle


How To Find The Right HairstyleHow To Find The Right Hairstyle – There are only few who are blessed by the balanced and proportionate facial features. But thank you to our makeup experts who change our looks by some alteration in hair styles or by the application of makeup products. By the use of these techniques we can change our desired feature dramatically.

If we have big ears and we want to hide them it is not ridiculous to have such desire. We have different option in hair styles which works well for concealing the   big hairs. These styles are adopted in such away that they not look abnormal. These tricky hair styles are when brilliantly used they solve the ever present wows of having such ears.

The following steps should be taken while the big ears are the issue:

  • Take the section of the hairs that grow directly in front of ears and hold them from the base near the temples. Take them behind the ear lobes to get them of the way. Now section it off in front of both ears. The rest of the hairs are pin up by keeping the sections here. Now take these sections over the cartilage of the ears and pin up with the rest showing the ears as much as you like. By using the bobby pins you can give the shape of X by twisting them behind the ears. Hair spray is used to hold them in that place, so that the desired portions of the ears are seen by holding the hairs up.
  • Another way is to sectioning the hairs and then gives them curls in such a way these section form the frame of the face in front of your ears. This will give you a cute look by holding the rest of the hairs up from behind.  From front view these hairs give the pretty appearance.

It is great fun by using the alternatives with brilliant hair styles.