How To Get 360 Waves

How To Get 360 Waves
How To Get 360 Waves for our head beauty

How To Get 360 Waves – 360 waves are a hairdo worn typically by African American men. It’s an exclusive and charming look that appears to make the hair look like waves. Below e present some tips to achieve this look.

Make sure that your hair is in great condition, both scalp and hair. It’s quite easier to get this look on curly tresses which are in good condition. If you are having scalp problems then wait until problems are cleared.

Spend time on your hair: Your tresses require trainings and this needs time and exertion on your behalf.

Visit the barber or a hairdresser: You can try different haircuts to start this style.

  • You can get your restyling with a 1/3 inch guard, with the grain.
  • You can have a razor style cut.
  • You can have a traditional “Caesar” cut.

Brush your hair regularly. It is recommended that you brush your tresses at least 40 times on each side 3 times a day.

Get your Trims regularly. If you put some kind of pomade in your tresses then try using “Brushing Waves, Washing Waves, Spinning Classic” or “Deep Waves”.

Never forget to brush and put on a wave cap during sleeping time. This will protect your tresses from friction against the cushion and cushion case during the night. Rubbing against pillow can undo all your hard efforts.