How To Get Beautiful Lips


How To Get Beautiful LipsRosy plum lips are one of the most important and one of the most stunning beauty elements and honestly speaking, it is not something that require much, you just need to follow these simple tips and soon you will get fairy type look with cherry red lips so are you ready for this?

Here are Some Tips Get Rosy Plum Lips

One of very famous and very effective completely safe tip for you, just make a paste with original rose petals, fresh cream and honey and apply this past over your lips for 15 minutes and then let it get dry and then rub it off with your finger pores and after that apply a small dip of milk. You can try to brush your lips with any baby brush once a while, this will not only remove the dead skin from your lips but it will make your lips look plum and fuller , you need to apply this past every day before bed and you can leave milk over your lips over night.

Use a lime juice to massage your lips and this will not only remove the dull skin from your lips and this will help them get natural redness and smoothness too.

If you think that your don’t need rose past then try just simple honey on your lips before going to bed and keep it on over night.

How To Get Beautiful Lips-
Make a homemade lip gel with 2 raspberries, one tablespoon honey and small amount of aloe vera and use this paste over your lips whenever possible, this will not only moisturized your lips, it will make them naturally red too.

You can make a homemade lip balm with one teaspoon of strawberry juice and 2 tablespoon petroleum jelly and mix it very well and keep this in a small glass box and use whenever you need and this will make your lips look glossy and plum naturally.

You can scrub off all the dead cells with a magical mixture of sugar and cold cream, but don’t overdo that you can use this scrubber once a week only, your lips are 100 times sensitive then your face skin so don’t forget that.

If you just follow these simple tips then you will get beautiful lips very soon. But don’t forget that food is a very strong and important element; you cannot get beautiful skin, hair teeth or lips or anything, if you are not eating good and healthy food so try these things and eat well.