How To Get Ready For A Party


Normally I like the looks that we get when we don’t have time to get ready, I like the no time looks the most, cause when we don’t have time we don’t go for experiments, we always go for our best and we try to avoid all kind of blunders and we pick the safest look possible so here are some simple and some good tips for you to get ready when you are getting ready in no time.

We will start from the dresses, and we will pick the most perfect suit possible, if you were not expecting this event then you might have to use the old dress so you better pick the best one you have and the one that make you feel so beautiful and so perfect, so pick the best shade and best cuts and try to enhance the beauty of your body so that make you fell so confident and so pleasant, but you need to make sure that you have all the accessories of that outfit including shoes, jewellery hair accessories and all other things so you don’t need to feel upset on the last moment.

How To Get Ready For A Party

Let’s get ready now, if you have difficult hair and you need hours to get perfect looks then it is better to not to wash them and make something nice with that hair, but if you have curly or wavy hair then you can use natural looks with a bun, you can wash your hair and then make a tight bun of your hair and sit with some hair spray and hair dryer for a while and keep it in the bun till you get there.

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Moisturize your body and your face and now we will start with foundation, use the best stocks and mix and blend it well, if you want a perfect look you need to give time to your foundation and even before when you done with it, apply some foundation on your eyelid and apply some think like eye lid, better if water based and rub it with your finger the way you do in the mornings, and then take some wipes and wipe off all the excessive lines from your eyes and that will be the best smoky eye makeup possible now you just need to add shimmery mascaras and some highlights and your eyes are done, if you are thinking to get something colorful then use some colored shimmer on your eyes and that will give your stylish eye makeup and look too.

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The only think that will finish your look is some shad on your cheeks and brilliant marvelous lipstick on your lips, if you are looking for some ultimate look then go for lipstick and then add some lip-gloss and you are ready to rock, don’t forget to undo your bun and run fingers in your hair before you go.