How To Get Ready In Five Minutes


How To Get Ready In Five MinutesIf you are looking for some tips to get ready in just 5 minutes then try these tips and let me know if they work for u or not and if not then let metabolism help you with some more tips.

Want to look awake like Blake? You slept in after getting just two hours of sleep, and you’ve got a Mount-Vesuvius-sized zit and a lecture in 15 minutes. That hot rugby player you’ve been eyeing will inevitably be sitting next to you.

First of all you need to pick something to wear while you are taking a bath, that is a very important thing, you are never too late to skip shower, bruising your teeth and moisturizing your body, so you can take that time to decide the dressing and other accessories, if you have very small time then try something easy tower and easy to carry too, cause no matter how brilliant your make is, if you don’t wearing and perfect dress or perfect accessories you will never look good so pick something casual like jeans and top and if u want to look a bit formal then try some long dress that you can see all around you this summer and pick the accessories and keep them right there over your bed with your bag and your mobile phone and you will never miss them.

First of all you need to moisturize your washed face and if you don’t have much time of blending then add few drops of foundation in the same lotion and rub it between your palms for a while and then massage it over your face for perfect finish, nothing can work better than your own hands.

Now after that you need to pick one shade for your cheeks and if you are going somewhere sunny then try mineral bronze, nothing is better than a sun kissed magic and apply that over your cheeks and around your jaw line and you can use it for perfect quick contorting too.

Now as you are done with your cheeks, let’s start with the most important part of your face, your eyes, apply a eye prime an then apply some eyeshade from one corner to another and then mix it with your own pores and you will get the best results, if you are not too good with your liners and if you think that you don’t have very study hands then skip your liquid liner try some dark lip panicle and drown some thin line at the edge of your eye lid and after that give some time to yourself and apply the best mascara possible and use lash curlers too and then apply another coat of mascara and see if you need highlighter or not, if you do then use mineral bronze for that too and finish your natural looking classy look with any shiny lip gloss and now let me help you with your hair style.

No matter what kind of hair you have just apply lots of hair silk serum and make a tight bun of your hair and rap it with any kind of piece of clothe you just need to keep this tight bun tight till you get there and when you are ready to leave your car just take off that cloth and use your fingers to sooth your natural curls which will look absolutely stunning with your natural looking make up. Enjoy…