How to Get Rid of Double Chin


After wrinkles, the most common corporal indicator of aging is a double chin. But ageing isn’t the only cause of occurrence of double chin, other factor such as genetics, highly calorie and fat intake, poor food habits etc can also make it possible. In general, the main cause of double chin is saggy skin and addition fat deposits. It is something that makes you feel self-conscious. Getting rid of is possible, however, in different ways. A few are given here;

Chin Exercises

Several chin exercises are there that can help you get rid of double chin. One easy workout you can do to make the double chin less prominent is to open your mouth wide and move the bottom jaw downward and outward as if you’re trying to “scoop” something with your bottom jaw. Continue the exercise until you feel your bottom teeth touching your top lip. Repeat several times a day.

Low Caloric Intake

Introducing some changes in the diet is inevitable when it comes to reduce fat in area of the body, including chin area. Regular intake of junk, fast and other foods that are rich in fat and calories may speed up the ageing process which is one of the culprits in occurrence of double chin. So, you have to cut back at these food if you want firm and supple skin and get rid of double chin.

Get Moving

Pairing up a restricted diet with workout is necessary for adequate weight loss. Same is true when it comes to lose double chin. Making effort to reduce fat in one body area is inadequate actually. Practice a formal exercise in a gym or fitness center or a casual one such as cycling and running etc to make your entire body firm and supple.

Practice Proper Posture

Another factor that contributes to saggy skin and fat accumulation that causes a double chin is Bad posture. Always make sure to keep your pluck straight and chin up while doing anything such as reading or typing etc. Having right posture will instantly make your double chin less noticeable.