How to Get Rid of Insects and Pests


We are going to give you some ideas for a house without any kind of insects and pests and we are going to share some very simple and very reasonable ideas for that.

Mosquitoes & Flies: – if you have notice that mosquitoes and flies comes when you have something dirty around or you have some old water around your house or in your house so if you diminish these reasons you will; get rid of these automatically, use gems killing liquid to clean your house and your floors.

if you have plants then spray with germs killing sprays and if you use antibacterial and all kind of helping liquidate for keeping these flies away from your kitchen and your houses now at the end I will share a very useful solution with you and you just need to mix 1/3 cup of mild dish washing detergent with 1 gallon of water and spray the areas that has flies or mosquitoes and you will see them dying in front of your eyes.

If you have ants and other small insects in your house then you need to see if you have any kind of shifting cartons in your house, anyway at all, they are coming to eat it and if you throw it out you will be safe and if you could not find any carton then you need to treat them personally, sprinkle some boric acid or borax powder all around the corners, near the window and anyway where you see them, but make sure your kids don’t touch it or eat it, it is a pure form of poison for them.

If you are dealing with Cockroaches and Silverfish then you don’t need to be panicked, because it easy to handle them they both like warm, humid spots and the dark which means if you just look after these sports you will be able to get rid of these things now here is a recipe for them, you just need shortening, sugar, powdered boric acid, cup flour and water, now mix shortening and sugar and then add boric acid and flour and now mix water in it and then make small balls of these mixture and when you are ready to leave your kitchen in night just spread out all these balls all around the sink and around the drainage and you will see them dead in the morning around these balls.