How to Get Rid of Skin Discoloration Naturally


How to Get Rid of Skin Discoloration NaturallyOne of the most common skin problematic faced by the mostly people over the globe, is skin discoloration (like freckles, liver spots, hyperpigmentation and age spots). There are numerous factors which are involved in causing skin discoloration, including over-exposure to sun rays, aging, pregnancy and use of medications etc.

Though the skin discoloration is not avoidable but you can easily get rid of skin discoloration by following home remedies.

One off the most effective remedy to get rid of skin discoloration is to apply the turmeric mixture on the affected area. Turmeric spice comprises a strong composite called curcumin, which is famous for its antioxidant and skin lightening properties.

To make the mixture, dissolve 6-8 teaspoons of turmeric to half a glass of milk and add ½ cup gram flour in it. Softly rub the paste onto the stained areas for 30 minutes, and then rinse well. You will certainly see the positive effects by using this remedy once a day.

Applying the orange peel mixture also do wonders to get rid of skin discoloration. The natural acids included in the orange peels, help to reduce the freckles, spots and hyperpigmentation. Take 1-2 cups of orange peels and blend them until it turns into a paste. Now mix one cup fresh milk in it and mash it appropriately. Apply the paste on affected skin for about hour, and then rinse off completely.

Some people use the paste of potato to lighten the skin as this vegetable is having more skin bleaching material as compare to other commercial peroxiding products. Blend a potato very well until it turns into a paste. Now apply the paste on the discolored area for half hour, and then rinse well. Apply potato paste once a day.

Rubbing the lemon juice on the affected areas for 15 minutes is also a best home remedy to get rid of skin discoloration. Lemon juice comprises citric acid that is famous to lighten skin.