How to Get Rihanna Inspired Makeup Look


How to Get Rihanna Inspired Makeup LookRihanna has beautiful voice and equally good outer appearance and she knows how to enhance her charming personality a bit more with the help of makeup. Whether you’re a diehard fan of Rihanna’s music or not, but you might definitely love the makeup look she pulls off.

Wanna replicate her look? Follow these tips;

Prep the Face

To steal pop star’s look, start off with a smooth, even skin. to even-out the complexion use a matte finish foundation with a powder base.

Groom your Brows

Since eyes happen to be the Pon de Replay hit-maker’s main focus while applying makeup, you need to pay special attention to your eyes and brows. Get your peepers properly framed in terms of the brows. Groom your brows well; snip any arid hair to maintain the natural arch but make it sure not to overdo plucking since a signature Rihanna look has a thicker outlined brow. Also fill in any sparse brows with the help of your eyebrow makeup.


Rihanna uses the blusher closer to her natural skin pigmentation. So, while copying her look you too are supposed to settle on a blusher which seems more natural. For a darker complexion, a darker neutral toned blusher with a slight highlight is best, while the olive-skinned gals should go for more of a salmon colored blush to stay neutral.


Rihanna changes her lip color from a clear-gloss to an apple-red lippy to make her pouts go with the event or her outfit.

Eye Makeup

The best eyeshadow for creating Rihanna’s look is an auburn or bronze shade. Pick the lighter shade of bronze if your complexion is fair and go for the deeper one if your natural pigmentation is more on the darker side. Sweep and blend the color upwards toward the eyebrow.

How to Get Rihanna Inspired Makeup Look-
Do a thick lining of upper as well as lower eyelid a quarter section away from the corner. Use a liquid or gel eyeliner for lining upper lid and delineate the lower line with a pencil eyeliner.
Finish off the look with two, three thick coats of thickening mascara added to the pre-curled eyelashes and you’re done.