How to Get Soft Pink Lips


How to Get Soft Pink LipsYour lips are subject to daily use and abuse. Sunshine, dry climate, acidic foods, cosmetics and nervous habits leave your lips cracked, chapped and dry. While many women include their lips in daily skincare routine — besides applying lip balm — a bit more care can get you back those soft, pink lips that you once had.

To get soft lips make sure to exfoliate your lips at least twice a week with a sugar scrub. Sugar scrub can be easily found at your local cosmetic counter or drugstores.

Spreading a lip balm over your lips, preferably with a pink tinge, before going to bed and leaving it overnight will wake you up with pinky, soft lips next morning.

Slough off dead, dry skin over your lips with a soft bristle brush having a bit of toothpaste on it; this will give your pouts a plumping effect.

Deficiency of certain vitamins and other essential elements in the body such as vitamin B, iron or fatty acids may result in dry, scaly, chapped lips. So, taking multivitamin/mineral supplements to satisfy the requirements of the body may help you get soft lips.

Vitamin E oil is another recognized lip-softening remedy. You need to apply it before sleeping and leave it overnight.

Infused with moisturizing properties, honey too can be used as a natural lip balm. It moisturizes leaving subtle lips and helps giving a nice shine on the lips

Tea and coffee and sun are found to be a few of the chief culprits in discolored lips. So, cutting back on tea and coffee intake plus using lip products containing SPF may result in pink soft lips.