How to Give a Facial Massage

How to Give a Facial Massage
A facial massage gives relief to the tense facial muscles and also promotes circulation of blood and lymph

A facial massage gives relief to the tense facial muscles and also promotes circulation of blood and lymph. Aside from that, it also offers relief for signs of allergies and sinus jamming. Above all, facial massage helps improving the complexion, mitigating wrinkles and adding natural radiance to the skin.

Steps for Facial Massage

  1. Amass the entire hair of your partner and tie them in a headband. Ask your partner to close his/her eyes so as to concentrate on your strokes.
  2. Start the facial massage by patting up both sides of the jaw-line to the temple. Repeat the step four to five times.
  3. Using the flat of your hand, slowly and metrically pat the temple from right above the eyebrows to the hair line.
  4. Place the thumbs of your both hands at the center hair line and starting from that spot, slither your thumbs in the outward and sideward direction. Apply gentle pressure while sliding the thumb. Descend the temple a little and repeat the step.
  5. Now position the heels of both the hands on the centre of the forehead and slide them similarly outward and sideward. Repeat thrice.
  6. Put the first two fingers of both hands on the partner’s temples and move them in circular motion gently for few minutes, exerting some pressure.
  7. Set your thumbs on the inner eyebrows of your partner and slither outward. Repeat the step thrice.
  8. Using the index finger, pull along the brow-bone gently. Repeat the step three times.
  9. Pat the eyelids gently with the help of your ring finger. The movement of finger should be from inside corner to the outside corner. Do it thrice.
  10. Stroke the cheeks crossways the cheek-bones and slowly work your way down the face upto the chin.
  11. Move your fingers circularly across the upper lip. Work your way to the mouth’s corner and then lift slightly. Repeat the step 2, 3 times.
  12. Make nipping movements out alongside the jaw-line upto the ears.
  13. Hold the earlobes between your thumbs and fingers and rub them gently. Then after nip everywhere on the outer ear gently.
  14. Rub your hands up the neck and onto the cheeks. Hold then repeat.
  15. Conclude the massage by patting the forehead.