How To Grow Eyelash


How To Grow EyelashWe are going to talk about lashes today and we are going to try some simple tips to grow freakish long and beautiful eyelashes, have you ever thought why fairytale characters look that much charming and beautiful, let me tell you, the reason of the fairy looks are small face and freakishly long eyelashes, which means you can get that look with small steps and some very innovative ideas, BTW do you like curly hair? You might want curry hair too to get that cute look.

Get back to the topic, we are going to grow freakishly long eyelashes, and the best and the most famous tip to get long lashes is Castor oil, I can bet any money on that, if you are using Castor oil everyday and you are not using any kind of lash curler, which is very dangerous for the roots of your lashes, then you will notice some change within a week and this is very good for keeping your eyes clean too.

When you are laying down to sleep and you don’t have to get up now then lay down and massage your eyelid with caste oil and massage very gently and keep your eyes close cause this is a very strong oil and it can make your eyes burn and you will get running eyes too, and just go to sleep and in the morning just wipe it off with baby wipes before you open your eyes and the wash your face, it is very good for growing long lashes and it has very strong properties to keep your eyes clean and healthy.

Another very good tip is honey, you need to apply honey on your eyelashes and it will burn a bit, but don’t touch it and go to sleep and in the morning you just wash off your face and get smooth silky shiny eyes and within one week you l get a bit long eyelashes too, if you want to use both honey and Castor oil then you can do that just mix one table spoon of honey and one and half tablespoon of Castor oil and mix it well and apply as I told you earlier and you will get brilliant result soon.

There is another very good tip to get healthy long beautiful eyes, you need to dip two cotton eye pad in worm milk and then past them over your eyes and lay down for 5 minutes, you have to repeat that for 3 times and then just lay down and massage some Castor oil over your lashes and go to sleep, an lat but not least, apply pure petroleum jelly twice a day and dry to keep it on without getting in the eyes and that will not only make them look good but it will help your lashes to grow longer and smoother.