How To Grow Hair Faster


How To Grow Hair FasterHow To Grow Hair Faster – Black, shiny, thick and healthy hair contributes much in our looking. That’s why most of us remain anxious about their hair. There are many hair problems which cause the loss of beauty of this body features as:

  • Hair breakage.
  • Brittle.
  • Loss of hair.
  • Premature graying of hair.
  • Splitting of hair.
  • Dandruff.


  • Improper diet.
  • Anxiety
  • Environmental factor as Sun damage, pollution.
  • Chemical treatment as substandard hair care products or excessive chemical treatment, dyes, shampoos which are in compatible to the hair texture ,
  • Some disease causes hair loss.
  • Thermal treatment.
  • Insufficient hair care regimen.
  • All these factors may be the cause of one or the other hair problem.


  • Our daily diet plays the key role in the growth and maintains of our body. It is the fuel which runs the body smoothly. The balanced diet which contains all essential nutrients is vital for health.
  • For the hair growth and the solution of hair problems is hidden in proper diet to great extent. But the questions are how it helps to maintain the hair growth? How it triggers the health of the hair? What is the proper diet for the healthy strong hair?

The healthy diets for hair growth are the:

  • Vitamin Band vitamin E.
  • Proteins.
  • The vitamin B includes vitamin B 6. It boosts the hair growth and maintains its health. Hair loss is linked  with deficiency of vitamin B. Foods to contain this are vegetables as cauliflower, Soya beans, spinach, asparagus, fruits  as strawberries, oranges, grapefruit. The dairy products as cheese, margarine, eggs, The essential oils as mustard oil, sunflower oil, the grains, wheat germs. Liver and cod and fatty beans,
  • Vitamin E provides the hair health by fighting with free radicals. It also stimulates the blood circulation to scalp and promotes the hair growth. It is found by peanuts, spinach, wheat germ, eggs, asparagus, vegetable oil, seeds, avocados, milk, whole grains, turnip greens and almond.


Proteins are the source of amino acids and these amino acids are the important constituents of hair texture. So for the health of hair and to ensure the repair of damage proteins are necessary. These can be got from lean meat, fish, eggs, tofu, soy milk, avocados, nuts and beans. Dairy products such as low-fat milk and yogurt provide a good secondary source of protein. Foods such as fish, nuts and avocados offer the added benefit of providing fatty acids. Proteins also help to maintain the natural shine of the hairs.