How To Heal Cracked Feet


How To Heal Cracked FeetHeel is the thickest skin of our body and our body cannot provide the adequate moisturizer level to this part of our heel which means we need to provide the moisture externally and at the same time we can increase the liquid intake too, drink lots of water, milk and healthy juices and add some fresh butter and cream in your food too and with that you can add these simple tips in your lifestyle too.

Warm Water Treatment:- if you have dry and dull looking skin and they are getting kind of cracks too then you can start the simplest way to treat it and for that you just need to dip your feet in worm water with mustard oil and some salt in it and if you feel that your feet are getting some kind of germs then you can try mustard oil too, but it will make your nails a bit yellow too, and then brush off your feet and nails and use any pumice stone and wash your feet with slightly worm water and tab dry your feet, now take some petroleum jelly or Vaseline and rub it over your feet and wear some cotton soaks.

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Make a mixture of rose water, lime juice and glycerin and mix it well and rub it all over your body for best skin ever and this is the best hand and feet cream ever and this will not only make your feet, skin and your nails beautiful and moisturized, but it will solve almost all foot and hand issues too cause Lemon juice has a very mild natural acidic property and it kills the germs too.

Once in a while you can use a food mask for beautiful foot too and for that you just need to mix on well ripped banana with honey and yogurt and apply that over your feet and then let it get dry and scrub it off and wash with chilled water, you can use plain banana or plain honey too and this will affect the same, you can mix honey with dry milk to make a smooth dry and dull skin mask and if you add some simple bee wax in it too then it will cure cracked heel too.

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Now if you are suffering with some horrible deep bleeding cracks then you need to cook something for your heels, you need to take some smooth soft fat of goat or lam and put it on the fire in steal pan now add some honey wax in it and cook for just 10 minutes and then add some olive oil in it and stir well and now you can store it in glass jar and use it every night, you just need to worm a bit before applying and you will see results in one week.