How To Keep Kajal From Smudging


How To Keep Kajal From SmudgingKajal is one of the most important elements of eye makeup which defines your eyes along with adding to your charm and personality as a whole. In south Asian region, kohl application isn’t less than a tradition which every girl tries to follow all through her life.

While Kajal pops up your pretty peepers making them appear wider and brighter, there are several issues associated with its application the most common of which is that it’s very susceptible to smudging and smearing and runs off after a few hours of application giving your face a really horrendous look.

To make you get hang of this art I have pulled together a few Kajal application tips. Find the tips below and follow them to get a perfect kohl-look always.

Cleanse the lids

Before putting on ay cosmetics you need to cleanse your lids thoroughly so as to take off any impurities including residues of old makeup and excessive oil that cause your makeup to smudge and crease. Dust a little loose powder in the eye area afterwards. This will suck up any excess oil and moisture letting your kajal stay put for long.


After you’re done with cleansing, next step is prepping the lids. Use an eyeshadow base or primer for this purpose. This will offer your makeup a sticky surface to fasten with and thus will contribute to make your makeup lasting. Spread the primer onto your bottom lash-line before delineating it with kajal.

Apply kajal

Next up, sparingly add kajal to your lower lash-line, stopping the line a little away from the eye corner since the corners are the areas that have the tendency to start watering after some time thus smudging your kajal.

Set With Black Powder Eyeshadow

This is perhaps the finest way to keep kajal from smudging. After you’ve worked with kajal, set it in place with a little powder black eyeshadow. Apart from intensifying the pigment, the eyeshadow powder will absorb any excess oil and moisture, allowing your kajal to stay on for a longer time. Cap off by powdering the around-eye area.