How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy


How To Loose Weight After PregnancyHow To Lose Weight After Pregnancy – It is a common observation that after pregnancy the new mom gets bulky. If this is not checked quickly it will become difficult to recover later on. It will take four weeks that uterus contract to its original size after keeping the baby for nine months. Some women lose 18 to 20 pounds after first two weeks of pregnancy by the removal of different fluids from the body. In your body the hips and the pelvic area are difficult to get slim after delivery. It takes continuous and instant efforts after pregnancy to gain the normal size.


Breast feeding: It is the natural way of losing weight after baby birth. While you feed your baby you need extra 500 calories to feed your baby in a day. But you can’t do dieting, it wills reduces the milk supply to the baby and secrete the toxins in your body which have adverse effects on the body of the baby. Good news is that there are certain exercises for feeding moms which help them in maintaining the weight.

Time management: In the beginning after pregnancy the feeding schedule and baby care is erratic. You will find only few minutes to get free. Take the advantage of these few minutes in doing exercise and not to be afraid in laying out your all works for the whole day routine.

Mood swings: Hormonal fluctuations show the swings in mood after pregnancy. Such ups and downs in mood swings may be handled with exercise and with the help of physician who will tell you the best ways to handle the situation.

Cardio: Do simple Cardio, regularity in doing is most important. Aerobics and muscular exercise are not to be done for a while as it all may be exhausting for your body.

Always start with slow and easy.

Check your Eating: Take diets which have high caloric values and not add pounds to your weight. Take fresh juices, minerals and vitamins to activate your cells to the optimal level and avoid fats, and carbohydrates.

Avoid Cold Drinks: The chilled or cold drinks should be avoided as they deposited the body fats instead of eliminating them. Too cold water or carbonated drinks are to be forbidden after delivery.

Be energetic with slim and trim body with continuous body care and high caloric diet.