How To Maintain Fair Skin


How To Maintain Fair SkinEvery person has a natural skin color and appearance and normally we don’t feel good about the skin tone we have, which is totally a wrong and bad behavior, and today we are going to talk about the pale or fair skin tone which is one of the most ignored skin tones, but if you ask a Asian girl what she has to say about this skin tone then she might kill to get this kind of skin tone and you would not believe that they spend 98% of their income on fairness creams every year.

Here are some simple tips and rules to look after and maintain a healthy pale skin tone.

No matter what you might think about your skin tone, but you need to protect it at any cost, ignore what you friends might say, use sunscreen and keep in shade, if you want a tan then try mineral bronze and that will not only give you healthy skin, but it will keep you sake from all kind of side effects of sun and pollution, you have to save your body from sun exposure as much as possible, you need to understand that if it is day light visible then there is sun somewhere in your part of earth and you cannot and you should not leave your home without using a good quality sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or more, and when you are indoor and you are using simple moisturizer then try to use one that has at least SPF 15.How To Maintain Fair Skin-0


If you have fair and beautiful complexion the keep it safe with healthy looks and try to avoid make up as much as you ca, I assure you that if you maintain a healthy and good skin then you don’t need to apply makeup so try to pay attention on your real beauty rather than make up and if you really have to then try mineral bronze, it is best that you can do to get natural looks.

How To Maintain Fair Skin-

Maintain a habit to cleanse your face twice daily, and if you really love your skin and you want to have a beautiful and healthy skin then you can actually do that in total 5 minutes and you owe yourself at least 10 minutes during a day of not? But before bed cleanings routine is not included in this, just take few drops of any essential oil you like and massage your face with it, even if you have a makeup on, just massage and then take a hot wet cotton towel and spread that over your face and then wipe it off and this will not only help you get healthy face, but it will reduce the risk of getting black heads too.

Never underestimate the power of exfoliation, you should use the mildest scrub on your face three times a week and if you think that you have oily skin and have all the issues of oily skin the use alum powder to scrub your face every day and if you feel the reduction of open pours then you can use it three times a day.

Good luck.