How to Make Body Cream at Home


How to Make Body Cream at Home

How to make body cream at home by your own is a best technique to prevent the chemicals found in several cosmetic body creams and lotions. By this way, you can customize a lotion to meet the requirements of your skin. While purchasing the required material for making a body cream, you must need looking for the good-quality and natural ingredients.

Make Body Cream

How to Make Body Cream at Home

For the extra dry and itchy skin, the best body cream can be prepared at home by using lavender, lemon, shea butter and other constituents. This body cream has wonderful hydrating and moisturizing effects, so it helps you in treating itchy and dry skin in very short time period. Another advantage is that its preparation is quiet simple.

Required Ingredients and Material

For making a homemade lavender lemon body cream, you will need the following ingredients.
• 1 cup of Vaseline
• 1 cup of vitamin E cream
• ½ a cup of soften cocoa butter
• ½ a cup of soften shea butter
• 6 drops of lavender oil
• 5 drops of lemon oil
These all ingredients are easily available at health food stores, drugstores or herbal stores.

Other Required Material

• Medium mixing bowl
• Wire whisk
• Large container with a lid


1. Place all ingredients in the medium mixing bowl.
2. Now combine all constituents using a wire whisk until they comes in the form of smooth lotion.
3. Your moisturizing lavender lemon body cream is ready. Pour it into a plastic container and tight its lid.

How to Use?

Use the homemade body cream just after taking a bath before going to sleep. This cream is little greasy and takes few minutes to get absorb in the body. For applying the body cream, take its sufficient amount in your hand and massage it directly to your skin. It can also be used to treat dry feet and hands but avoid to use on facial skin as it can make your face little oily.

How to Make Body Cream at Home