How to Make Straight Hair Wavy


How to Make Straight Hair WavyHow to Make Straight Hair Wavy – Hair has the key role in making our personality gorgeous. Some people have curly hair and some have straight hair, What ever the texture of hair if they are beautifully managed and have healthy look s they are fabulous. The straight hair is thin and fine, this makes them more easily to be tangled. It is difficult to create the bounce and volume in them. As this hair remain close to the scalp so get greasy and oily, needs frequent wash.  Special care regimen is adopted to maintain them.


  • As these hairs are fine and get oily require frequent washing so the shampoo used for them is mild in nature. So use that shampoo which is marked with daily or frequent washing. It contains less harsh chemicals. It contain less moisturizer and with conditioning qualities.
  • If conditioners are to be used they are not deep conditioners or two in one nature. The leave in quality conditioners is also not good for straight hair.
  • If you need to create the bounce in hair then use the thickening shampoo. It will penetrate in the hair cuticle and will negative charge the hair make the hair strands remain apart from each other. It contain pantheon in its making which give the thickening effects to the hair.
  • The hair is dried with blow dryer and the technique applied depends upon the style which we want to give them, either flies away hair or sleek looks.
  • If you want to create volume in them then apply gel in roots of hair and allow it to dry gains the natural partying sections,
  • Use of high lights or dying the hair makes the fine hair to become thicker and transform the entire look. It gives depth and texture in the straight hair.
  • The comb or the brush is used with wide bristles that keep hair strands separate.
  • Avoid that hair crew product which contains alcohol, as it will make them thinner.
  • The straight hair usually has the cuticle which reflects the light and due to this reason these hair are shiny. to maintain this shine the last rinse will  be with cold water and if blow dryer is used with keeping the nozzle at cool and downward direction. Serum also gives shine and thickness in this straight hair.