How To Make Your Mind And Body Healthy


Now we are living in the age of technology and our life style is such we are facing different hazards of life which are not pleasant for our mind and body. We have mental and physical stress. To spend a smooth life our physical and mental conditions should be accurate to meet all the good and bad circumstances and to survive happily on the planet.

Here are some easy quick tips and How To Make Your Mind And Body Healthy.


To get up early in the morning save you many time stresses and keep your body more fresh and active. By taking deep breathes in the morning fresh air will help you to take the rich supply of oxygen inside you. It will also helpful in your time management problems which in turn is useful for your mental health.


There are many fitness clubs and gyms which are motivating for exercises but all it requires your continuous and persistent effort for doing exercise. Daily exercise of 30 minutes without any stress only to pamper yourself will be helpful in maintaining the physical and mental health. It may be walking, jogging, running, skipping or simple stretching of different body muscles to give them relief from different work pressures.


There is no alternative of healthy diet. Healthy diet does not mean to take foods rich in nutrients but it requires the diet full of healthy contents. It should be well balanced with all essential components which our body needs. It should be remembered that our body requires different components in different quantities in different age groups and in different job conditions. So while taking healthy food we should consider our age and type of work we have to be done.


Junk foods which have great temptations for us due to their pleasant smells, colors and presentable garnishing but are injurious to health, though these save our time of cooking but these are high fat fast foods .Our whole body but especially heart and brain are seriously affected by high saturated fats. The salts and the cholesterol present in them ruining our good health. Replace such fast foods with fruits, juices and vegetables and enjoy the good mental and physical health.


For maintaining your health you have to visit your family doctor frequently. He should know the medical history of different genetic family diseases and will guide you how to keep your self away from these. Diabetes, blood pressure, skin diseases, flu and arthritis etc are inherited diseases and there risk factors may be minimized with regular checkups.


To keep yourself fresh and stress free it is essential to take enough sleep. The sleep of eight to nine hour after the awaking of 10 to 12 hours is good for health. For healthy life it is necessary to set boundaries and limits in working hours.