How To Make Your Room Look Bigger


How To Make Your Room Look BiggerIt is not something very new thing that we are going to talk about, as the land is getting too short form living areas, we start getting squeezed too and we are making small houses and get small rooms eventually, so let discus some ideas to get beautiful an bigger looking rooms and learn how we can actually make these bigger looking small rooms.

First thing you need to do is repaint your room, if you have small room then you should have at least one window in it and you need to get very lighter pain possible, if you don’t have any issue with white then this is the best color possible for your room.

Now rearrange your furniture, keep bed against the wall as closer as possible and if you think that you get existed with that then you can try to push your bed against the window too and this will not only provide you the open view, but it will make you feel fresh too.

When you have pushed the bed against the wall now you need to place some kind things to use for sitting and if your bed is not too high then you can try floor sitting too, place some floor couches over some light shaded plain rug or one colored floor mat.

How To Make Your Room Look Bigger-

You can use a chair that has long and pointy back, as night stand and you can use it to hang things during the night. Use a wall lamp rather than a table lamp, and if you are using side tables then you can use it for pacing your face and cosmetic products too by hanging long mirror behind that.

Try to use folding furniture and try to use all kind of storage to store your things, use your under bed storage for your bed sheets and of you have spare place for these sheets then you can use these drawers for your own accessories and cloths and your shoes.

Try to make your own kind of furniture and it is not too hard to get some kind of people who make all kind of furniture as per your requirements, try to get smaller size of furniture.

Apply a long and large mirror over one wall, it is up to you which wall you want to use for that, but if you ask me then the best wall for that is wall which don’t have any furniture cause that will show the whole room in it which will create the impression of bigger room.