How to Moisturize Your Hair


How to Moisturize Your HairHow to Moisturize Your Hair – Hairs are made up of proteins which is present about 88% in its texture. These proteins are of keratin. In addition to these proteins the color of the hair is due to the pigment   melanin.

The hair strand has three layers the outer layer is cortex which is thinner and colorless and protect the inner layers. The middle layer is cuticle which gives the color and texture to the healthy hair. The medulla is the inner most layer present in thick healthy hair.

The roots of the hair are in hair follicle and the outer hair strand emerges from the follicle as hair shaft.

The cuticle is made from 6 to 11 layers of overlapping semi-transparent scales (which make the hair waterproof and allow it to be stretched). Someone with thick, course hair will have more overlapping layers of cuticles that someone with fine hair.


The structure of the hair is such that it requires the moisture for maintaining its texture. This moisture element should be protected and secured by the use of external moisture contents, So that the growth of lush shiny hair remain continue. By frequent washing and by harshness of weather or pollution may disturb the moisture content of the hair leaving them dry and coarse. This coarseness and dryness makes the hair week and damage the   hair. So there is the need of supply of continues moisture to the hair.


  • The moisturizing treatment is given an hour before the hair washing.
  • Massage the hair with hair moisturizing oils or any moisturizer element made for hair.
  • Leave the hair with this moisturizer for about an hour.
  • Now rinse the hair with Luke warm water. Avoid the hot shower; it will take away the natural hair moisturizer.
  • After shampooing then hair apply conditioner to the hair.
  • Try to keep the hair hydrated after each wash.
  • The deep moisturizing is done almost after every 15 days.
  • The jojoba oil is the ideal moisturizer for keeping the hair texture intact.