How to Pick the Perfect Frame for Your Face


How to Pick the Perfect Frame for Your FaceMany of us have eye sight problem and have to use eye-sight glasses. If the frames of the glasses are rightly chosen, they can add charm to your personality. Picking the right eye frames that can make your features more prominent by drawing attention away from your weaknesses isn’t a tough task. The only thing that you have to take into account while deciding on the frame is your face shape and size.

Square Face

The facial structure of a square shaped face is very distinct because of its more angular features. If you have straight face with wide temple and strong jawbone, then the perfect frame option for you is a frame with rounded corners. It will give your face a softened look and feel structure by evening out your straight bone structure.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face features wide temple and narrow chin. The best frame for this sort of facial structure is the one with bottom heavy style. This type of frame will effectively emphasize the bottom of your face by widening the structure of your jawbone. A slim, round frame will help enhancing your face shape.

Round and Oval Face

Taking the contrasting effect into account, those with oval or round face should go for a dark colored rectangular frame having straight angles. The plus of using dark colors is that it draws attention away from your rounded face by giving a sharp touch to your facial structure. If you have oval shaped face, the width of your frame should be wider than your cheeks; it will distract attention from the widest part of your face.

Long Face

A best frame for long shaped face is the one that can make the face look shorter. Those having long faces can go for rounded or squared in which the width and length are same.