How To Remove Facial Hair


The face is the gate way of entering some one in to your soul. All of us want the face without any flaw. The hairs on the face are he most beauty endangers for the women who have this problem.

So there are varieties of methods to remove the hairs from the face. Some are as follows;


  • The wax is used in the home or in saloon. It is of different type hot wax or the liquid wax. In both cases it is applied on the hairs and removed in the direction opposite to the hair growth. In its application the pain is the factor which makes it difficult because some persons have low tendency of tolerance.


  • it is not advisable for women due to the roots remain in the skin and the chance of growing them again will be just after a day or two.


  • Fine threads are used to remove the hairs. The hairs are removed by this method from the root. It is the fine method of hair removal and the hairs reappear after a week or may take more time for there appearance.


  • It is the method to be used by the facial hairs. It is costly but permanent and the visits may be after six months, the drawback in its use that sometimes the pores with burnt hairs get to be left by brown spots on the face. So it may be used carefully.
  • Laser treatment: it is again costly. In it the rays are used to burn the hairs from the follicles. It is also the permanently hair removal method and works well in all skins. But the only care should be taken in the selection of good laser center.

Use of hair buffers and deterrents are help full but some chemicals are harsh full for the skin.