How To Remove Hair Extentions


how-to-remove-hair-extentionsHair extensions cleanliness does not require any special care. Good cleaning routine is enough for maintaining these. Human Hair Extension should be washed after the first 3-4 wearing.

At home following tips are adopted to clean the extensions:

  1. Before cleansing untangle the hair extensions. It is done by gentle brushing; if these are excessively tangled then the hair conditioner is used before untangling.
  2. For cleansing use the mild shampoo for chemically treated hairs. It is specially formulated for this purpose.
  3. Wash the extensions from the top down while gently working the shampoo into the strands. Do not twist, scrub or rub the hair. Use the shampoo sparingly and gently.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, again working from the top down. Be sure while rinse so that all shampoo is removed, and clear water is obtained, work gently as improper rinsing could results in damage.
  5. Apply a quality conditioner, but avoid adding too much conditioner. A leave-in conditioner is ideal to promote a healthy shine and styling ease.
  6. Wrap your hair in a towel and gently press the hair to remove the excess water.
  7. Comb through the extensions while these are wet and allow them to air dry.
  8. Gently comb the hair to remove tangles, Using a large toothed comb, move in a downward motion to the ends.
  9. Now style them as usual.

How To Remove Hair Extentions


If you choose electric rollers, always make sure that the ends are wrapped into the rollers to avoid “fishhooks”.

Heat can dry and damage extensions. Use blow drying and styling only when required to increase the life of the extensions.