How to Remove Self Tanner Get Unwanted Color Off


How to Remove Self Tanner Get Unwanted Color OffSelf or sunless tanners is such an amazing and finest invention of today that enables you to get desirable sun-kissed glow without long exposure to the sun or devastating tanning beds that can bring about several skin issues including the severest one, skin cancer.

Ways to Get Rid of Orange and Splotchy Self-tanner

Allow It to Fade Naturally

The common question asked about sunless tanners, besides about its proper application, is about how to take the overdose of self-tanner away. If it is only your hands or feet or both that have turned orange as you forgot donning gloves before working with tanner or you overdone with the tanner on your feet and resultantly get them more orange than your legs then you are lucky. You can wait for a few days so that the color sheds off along with the outer skin layer.

Gently Exfoliate Splotches

If you want to get rid of color instantly as you have to attend an important event then you can exfoliate splotches gently to get rid of excessive product. Use baking soda for this purpose. Put a fine globule of baking soda on a wash-cloth and rub it over damp skin light-handedly. Rub it over the skin, wash off and wait for few hours ahead of trying again. The baking soda will exfoliate the skin, accelerating the loss of tanner.

Bathe in a Baking Soda Bath

If unfortunately you have overdone self tanner allover your body, you can easily fix it by bathing in a backing soda bath. Add several cups of baking soda in the bathing water and soak yourself in it. Along with bleaching your skin a bit, the baking soda will soften up your skin and thus make it easier for the outermost layer to slough-off. Then scrub your skin with loofah light-handedly and you will definitely get rid of the excess color.

Fixing Overdone Self-tanner on Face

To conceal self tanner on the facial skin while it is fading, try coating mineral makeup on it. Apply it in the neck area too. Use a blue or green tinted-moisturizer to work against severely orange skin, and apply makeup over that.