How to Tie and Wear a Scarf

How to Tie and Wear a Scarf
How to Tie and Wear a Scarf for your beauty style

How to Tie and Wear a Scarf, Sporting scarf not only keep you warm but also make you look trendy and stylish. Though usually scarves are worn around the neck but there are many other unique ways as well to tie them. You can use the scarves as a hair accessory or can pair them with formal business attires to get elegant look. Few ways of tying and wearing scarves are given below; how to Tie and Wear a Scarf give them a try….

winter scarfTie a Cashmere Winter Scarf: Wearing wool or cashmere winter scarves is the best way to stay extra warm in the winter season. They can be used as the fashion accessory with a variety of clothing styles. Simply fold a long rectangle scarf and position it around your neck in a way that two free ends of the scarf come on one of your shoulders and scarf’s fold on the other shoulder. Now, flip the ends through the fold of the scarf and pull the ends to tighten the scarf around the neck. At the end put the ends in your coat or leave them hanging freely.

Cashmere Winter Scarf

Hair accessories for women

Use Scarf as Hair Accessory:

You can also use scarf as a hair accessory to have a trendy look. Take a long square shaped scarf and fold it in a triangular shape. Now fold the rim under the scarf’s temple area and cross two ends of the scarf and finally bind them on the top of your head.

Scarf as Hair Accessory

Silk Scarf

Tie a Silk Scarf with Business Causal Attire:

Sometimes the dark tinted business dresses start to look dull. You can smart up your office look easily and cheaply by tying fashionable silk scarf in a unique way. Follow the following steps to tie the scarf. Firstly position a long scarf nastily around your neck from one side to the other.

Silk Scarf with Business

Wrap it around neck’s back once and bring the ends frontward. Now tie the two ends together loosely and adjust them in a way that one end lies on the top of other end thus one will lie on the top and other will lie on the bottom of the tie.