How To Treat An Infected Nose Piercing


How To Treat An Infected Nose PiercingIf you just got your Nose pierced then and you have got some serious infection and you are thinking to take the jewel off then stop it, never ever do that, you just need to cure the infection, first of all you need to see what kind of infection you have, a simple swelling can be due to the pricing, but if you have swelling, pus and bleeding then you need help and we are here to help you and you don’t need to fear or scared and it will defiantly work for you.

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First thing that I would say is must, a visit to someone expert some Physician and make sure that he get all the information he needs and then follow his suggestion, and that will help you greatly cause he will give you some ornaments and some tables or lotion and that will dry it off in no time and you will get some results really soon, If you have just had your nose pierced, it’s totally normal to have redness and some pain around the site of the piercing, but if you fell that it is getting worse then even after the visiting the doc then you can try these tips and I am sharing that from the experts.

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Now first of all you need to see if it is simple red, inflamed streaks or marks then you just need to follow the instruction your doc gave you with patience, but if you are getting horrible pain, redness, swelling, heat, or tenderness around the piercing site, Yellow-green pus oozing or bleeding then you need help ad for that we will suggest only one thing and that is keep it clean and smooth and add some antiseptic, infect eat the whole course of antiseptic, even when you feel good and fine.

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Use a natural antiseptic such as sea salt and warm water, you can use a dip for that too and you just need to mix seas salt in worm water and mix it well and then soak cotton swab with the mix, and allow it to go into the piercing hole and that will literally kill all the bacteria and will indirectly solve the issue.

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Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic that you can buy from just about any store, but try not to use directly there, you need to mix it with some essential oils and then apply there and when you use tea tree oil then try not to breath from nose for a while.

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