How to Use a Nail Detailing Brush


How to Use a Nail Detailing BrushHow to Use a Nail Detailing Brush – If you are looking for the beautiful ways to spice your looks, you have to take notice of the mini features of your body as nails. To brighten up your nails with nail art requires the correct use of nail art tools. Use of nail art brush is one among them. It is the thin brush with fine bristles.

Nail Detailing Brush

It has the advantage over the regular nail polish brush as it covers the minor area of the nails. The regular brush due to its thick tip can not do well where the fine detailing is required. With the help of nail detailing brush you can apply dots, stripes, and fill the color at smaller areas.

Just the steady hand is required while working with it:


  • Prepare your nails for the   nail art by doing appropriate manic cure and shaping of the nails.

Nail Detailing Brush-0

  • Apply the base coat in color which you want. It will be your background color for further design.
  • Select the contrasting colors for drawing the variety of patterns on your nails.
  • Put the contrasting color nail polish at the non porous surface and dip the brush in it.

Nail Detailing Brush-01

  • With the help of this you can draw fine straight lines, dots, stars and any thing you desire to make the design at the base coat.
  • Dip this in nail polish remover to wash and allow it to dry completely for further use.
  • If you want to fill the space in your drawing patterns you may dip it in other colors of nail polish and use as in step 5.
  • When the design has to be dried apply the top coat to preserve it.

Nail Detailing Brush-

Nail detailing brush can be purchased or be created in home by cutting the regular nail polish brush until the desired thickness of bristles are achieved .