How To Use Remedies For Pimples

How To Use Remedies For Pimples
How To Use Remedies For Pimples

Pimple eruption is a very common skin problem that many people complaint about. They can be erupted due to various reasons such as improper food habits, frequent and over use of beauty products etc. However; it can be controlled and cured by using some home remedies.

How to Use Remedies for Pimples are given below

Pimples Remedies

• The controlled pimple eruption can be treated easily by using some home remedies. But if the ingredients these remedies contain are not suitable for your skin then it’s much better to avoid using them.

• Grind a fresh cucumber in grinder to make a paste. Dab the paste on face and leave it as it is for 30 minutes. Then after rinse your face with normal water.

• Application of any toothpaste on the pimple can assist confiscation of pimples.

• Another effective home remedy for pimples is lavender oil. Apply it on the pimples daily; you’ll notice remarkable improvement in few days.

• Regular use of lemon juice in everyday cleansing facemask can stop or control the pimple eruption.

• After regular ‘before bed’ faces cleansing, apply a little honey on the pimples and hold it overnight. Rinse the face next morning. Moreover, application of pure honey on the face is also helpful in removing pimple along with giving a natural glow to the skin.

• Garlic has natural anti-bacterial properties. Application of garlic paste on the pimple can treat them by destroying the bacteria that cause pimple eruption.

• When it comes to skin care, especially pimple skin care, tea tree oil can’t be overlooked. Put few drops of tea tree oil in olive oil; stir the both well and rub the mixture on the pimple. Its natural antibacterial property will assist you get rid of the pimple more rapidly.

Besides using these remedies take balanced and healthy diet; intake enough water and always keep your face clean to control or remove pimples.