How To Use The Concealer On Face Correctly


How To Use The ConcealerHow To Use The Concealer On Face Correctly skin is the blessing of God. But unfortunately if you not have this there is no need to worry. Thank full to make up and cosmetic industry that they find the means to hide any spot or the mark from the skin by applying the concealed. Concealer On Face Correctly.Make up is also an art of spreading the colors according to your will but at the same time it will accentuate the skin and features as desired. While using the congealer many questions come in mind as where to apply the concealed. When and how it may be applied?

Concealer On Face Correctly

So following tips should be followed while using the concealers:

  • First to wash the face with mild cleanser.
  • Dry it with gentle dabbing.
  • Apply toner after drying the skin.
  • If it feels dry and the skin is not oily then apply moisturizer of good quality on the skin of face.
  • Notice the areas which need to be hide and how much coating is required. Usually the under eye circles or blemish skin or the age spots require the concealed.
  • The consealers are applied at these places. Apply it sparingly. If it is in stick form apply it in spots, and if it is in jar apply with brush.
  • Just use your finger tip to blend it not to rub it on the face.
  • Use the primer under concealed it will help the concealed to stay longer.


It is accustomed to apply the consealer first and then the foundation but while doing this half the consealer wiped with the foundation so it is beneficial to apply the foundation first and then the consealer. But it is not a hard and fast rule. It is the matter of choice.


Usually the shade of the consealer selected two shades lighter then the foundation so that the complexion gets whitened. But it is advisable to select the one tone lighter then the foundation.


The concealer used for eyes is different from the other face. It should be of mild nature and applied in such a way that it will be in spots and blend with tips of fingers gently. The reason of all this is that the skin under eyes is much delicate and requires utmost care. Have a great look with right makeup.

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