How to Wear Glitter Eyeliner


How to Wear Glitter EyelinerWith every passing day i am getting very much crazy to know that what the beauticians and makeup artist or all the other fashion stakeholder will do to make the women more attractive and to present her with something new as i have and i am sure that you would also that on the daily basis the new and the new things are being developed by the experts in the same manners.

Well, i am just stunned with a thing which i am going to discuss with you that beauticians and makeup experts have already explore more than thousands of the things and the ways to name the women beautiful and now what they will do so i told you that i am stunned by having this ”How to Wear Glitter Eyeliner”

I know you would also be amazed that how tremendous they have found the center to focus next on women face to make it beautify more and more. So i would also like to share it with you that how you can make you eyes quite more prominent by applying the coat of glitter on the eye’s outline. So, here are some of the new tips that How to Wear Glitter Eyeliner.

There are a lot of the products available in the market to make your eyes featured with the glitter but first of all the main thing is that when to apply the Glitter on the face. Well, whatever the glitter product you are going to apply the best time is when you end up with all the other make up stuff by applying it on the face. Than i would like to suggest you to use a powdered eye shadow instead of Cream formulations as it can smear even more easily and they pick up the glitter along the way. So after apply the Shadow on the eyes it is the time for mascara and following you can apply the Eyeliner with glitter.

How to Wear Glitter Eyeliner-

So now the real work that how to apply the glitter eye liner. So, first of all you have to apply an amount of darker pencil eyeliner in the colors you can use regularly. It will create a single line along your eyelashes before applying glitter. Now use a pencil eye liner with the glitter and make an experts move by applying it to outer corner of the eye. You have to be careful that the glitter must not contact to your eye as it will cause a bitter irritation in your eyes and all you have done would be equal to none if even a single tear came out through the eyes.