How To Apply Nail Polish

How To Apply Nail Polish
How To Apply Nail Polish and Make your hands clean and beauty

How To Apply Nail Polish – It does not matter how much beautiful hands you have, if these are not with nail care it gives the look of entire manicure incomplete. The Mane and pedicure attain the gorgeous look after the correct application of nail polish. The beautiful and trendy look of nails is completed by the even and smooth application of nail polish on nails.

If you are not perfect you may get perfection just by considering the following tips while applying nail polish:


  1. Cotton balls or tissue papers.
  2. Nail polish remover.
  3. Primer or base coat.
  4. Color nail polish.
  5. Transparent top coat.


  • Make your hands clean and moisturize them but make sure that the moisturizing lotion and cream is not applied on nails.
  • Trim your nails according to the trends.
  • Use buff to smooth the surface of the nails, any ridges or the uneven surface is eliminated.
  • If there is any stain of old nail polish it will be surely removed at the first glance.
  • Apply the base coat first, it will make the surface smooth and also protect the texture of the nail from the chemicals in the polish because sometimes when it is not applied then after removing the nail polish the nail surface get discolored which give ugly look to the bare nails.
  • After applying the base coat wait for five minutes and allow it to dry completely before the further application
  • Gently roll the polish between your hands to eliminate bubbles.
  • Now start at the top of the cuticle and continue polishing until you have reached the edge, always polish in the middle first and then ending with the two sides.
  • If more then one stroke is needed then allow the first to dry completely.
  • Apply the top coat when all the previous coats get completely dry. The top coat is an optional coat but likely to give the extra shine to the polish.
  • If by mistake get   the polish at skin around the nail removes it with cotton swab.

It’s the great fun to apply the nail polish smoothly without going to saloon.