How To Protect Your Skin From Harsh Winter

Now our skin care regimen takes a new turn, it will be completely different what we do in summer.

HowTo Protect Your Skin From Harsh Winter –  It is the onset of winter, we are now moving toward the climate where we have to face the cold drought of air, icy winds and indoor with heating equipments. The skin become dry cracked and chapped in this harsh winter season. Now our skin care regimen takes a new turn, it will be completely different what we do in summer.


EAT WISELY: The first thing which we do is to take foods which are rich in vitamins and proteins to protect the skin from drying. Vitamin A, C, B3 and E   are necessary for skin care in winter, take fruits, nuts and raw vegetables fulfill the requirements of these vitamins for the body.


DRINK LOT: With the onset of winter season our liquid intake is reduced, it’s not good for skin vitality. Take lot of water to keep the skin cells full and plump. The hydrated skin gives you the youthful appearance and you will maintain the skin luster with water intake.


AVOID SUN RAYS: When you are shivering with cold the sunshine feels you great blessing of nature. No doubt it is but also has some negative effects on skin. It makes the skin thin, form premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Before going to sunshine use the sunscreens with SP 15 and herbal based sun screen lotions before going under sun rays.


LIMIT THE USE OF HOT WATER: In winter it is a soothing way to take bath with hot showers. Long hot shower baths take away the moisture of the skin and the upper epidermis looses its vitality and become dry. Avoid such hot long showers to save the moisture contents of the skin.


FACIAL MASKS: In winter not to skip the application of mask which contains the honey and milk in their ingredients. These contain the enzymes and contents which remove the flakes of dry skin and nourish it.


STEAM YOUR FACE: Steaming is the way to unclog the closed pores of the skin. In winter the pores of the skin get closed due to less secretion of sebum and these pores create dryness and infection of the skin, so steam once in a week to unclog the clogged pores of the skin.

So have happy winters with proper skin care.