ICON Fabrics 2012 Gorgeous Prints for Eid for Girls


Fabric prints ICON 2012 was finally released. People were waiting for the prints since they were teasers to come online. Now they can finally get their hands on beautiful fabrics ICON 2012 Finger print for EID. EID prints are all very nice.

Bright colors and dark were used prints from the EID collection. The prints reflect our heritage because they have a traditional design in the main. The fabric used in the 2012 Eid ICON Textile prints high quality suits, there are many more things than a shirt, trousers and dupatta fabric. These include the sleeves and borders.

ICON tissue was launched in 2012. This is a brand owned by Fabtex, who was involved with many international design studios. With 25 years of experience, Fabtex started ICON fabric to create a new standard in the textile industry of Pakistan

Magic of Fabric ICON can be seen in the 2012 Fabric prints the eid. You’ll see gorgeous prints of Eid in the image below