Indian Beauty Massage for Our Healthy Looks


Indian Beauty MassageDuring our day to day life we practice lots of things that are not only bad for our healthy and looks but they are bad for our impression too including malice, jealousy and envy we got to adopt some healthy and some very positive behavior, tolerance, forgiveness, abstaining and some positive and healthy thinking too and nothing is best for that life then a good vegetarian diet and some healthy lifestyle including healthy work out and some Ayurvedic beauty massage, if you know that the best thing for your positive behaviors is yoga then I don’t need to tell you that there are so many magical massages they have that can treat your stress and look issues too, so are you ready?

We will try our level best to share the whole package with you, but today we are sharing some recipes of ubtan with you.

Indian Beauty Massage-

Full Body Ubtan Formula: and you need these things for that, chickpea flower, mustard or almond oil, turmeric powder, fenugreek powder, wheat-germ oil, and rose oil and when you are looking for glowing looks you just need to mix then with rose water or milk and let it get soaked for a while and then rub over your whole body for glowing body.

Facial Ubtan Formula is not only good for bride, but you can use it on day to day life too and you just need to make a past with almond paste, cashew paste, pistachio paste, fresh cream, wheat germ oil, rose water, red lentil paste and chickpea flower and mix it when you are ready to use and you will not only get surprised with the glow, but you will be shocked to see how dirty skin you had before that ubtan.

Normally we use any kind of eye pencil or eye line or shade to get perfect looks, but if you know Indians they use Kajal top get prominent and beautiful eyes that make them look even more classy and stylish and if you want to get that and want to make it at home then we can kind of help you, and you just need to burn a cotton wick in a ghee lamp and place a silver spoon or plate above it over a night and then mix carbon deposits and organic camphor and you would love the result, you can get some Indian assistant for that if you feel uncomfortable with that and you can always get the ready to use Kajal form market.