Indian Wedding Eye Makeup Tutorial


Indian Wedding Eye Makeup TutorialToday’s eye makeup is very wearable and can be paired well with ethnic wears especially if you are trying to look traditional Indian with bright shades and colors and especially with a beautiful cute Bindi. I am loving the idea to create this look cause Indians have very rich rational and they add so much shin and that is what we are going to create here today, we are going to use shimmery orange eye shadow, coral eye shadow, which will give the look pretty wedding look and when you add nice red or bright orange lipstick, it will look more prettier and more classy.

We will start with plain cleaned eyes, and I am applying medium coverage base with that, well then we will take some lighter than skin tone foundation or concealer and apply all over the lid and the skin around the eyes and blend well, if you have silver or golden transparent highlighter then you can add it in foundation or concealer and blend, it will make the eyes look more glamorous and shiny, anyways, we will apply some base shade and then we will take pure copper shimmer and apply right over the lid and blend it well over the crease, now  we will keep blending it till it become smooth, then we will take peach or orange shad with flat brush and apply over the cooper shade, and blend, keep the pigment super rich and shiny.

Indian Wedding Eye Makeup Tutorial-0

Now we will take coral shade and apply over the crease and outer end of the eye and blend it inward, now take mat brown eye shadow with small eye shadow brush and deepen the crease with that, use visible amount of shade and blend well, now take copper shade with small liner brush and apply right under the lower lash line and then take black gel liner an apply a thick line right over the upper lash line and keep the line thick as Indian girls do, now apply a thick Kajal line over your water line and make it thick and prominent and finish the look with mascara.

Best of luck.