Ittehad Textiles Black & White Collection 2018 New Dresses


Recently unfolded, the name of Ittehad Textiles Black & White Collection 2018 New Dresses smiles in the preview in ITTEHAD Icon Store for the new Cambric series and much more to see. Encapsulating sophistication with minimalist and classy impressions. They configure the dresses as indicated by the advanced need and give it a conventional touch so that ladies of every age can use it easily.Ittehad Textiles Black & White Collection 2018 New Dresses

Ittehad Textiles Black & White Collection

Ready to give a new meaning to your wardrobe. Launching soon! Stay connected for more updates. The line of the neck and the outskirts are decorated with a fine work of ropes, it is a combination of two pieces for shirts and pants, but you can also wear pants and pants that will give you an attractive point of view. The Place of Ittehad cotton collection is surprisingly reviving with the argument that they use delicate and light tones such as yellow, white, peach and beige. Textures have been enhanced with self-impressions, whose identity class is part of their exceptionally blank identity.

This material meeting focuses on its rationality to create quality texture under the ithad place banner while holding on to strict quality measures. It is located on Saundra Street in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Now you can see some beautiful images of dresses from Ittehad Textiles Black & White Dresses Collection 2018 as hit.Ittehad Textiles Black & White Collection 2018 New Dresses

Crowned by the magazine Harper Bazaar as the new king of haute couture in the fashion industry, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, also known as HSY, has formed a magnificent empire under the name of its brand. Not only does it have outlets in Pakistan, but it also has several outlets distributed around the world in around 14 exhibition centers in the United Kingdom, the UAE and the USA. UU UU AND Pakistan. HSY has been capturing the attention, love and appreciation of the people around him and his valued clients since 1994 when he started working on this line of designer clothing. He has a firm belief that fashion is a lifestyle, and not just the clothes we wear, and this lifestyle must be celebrated along with other things in life. HSY is nourished by energy, emotion and mutual understanding, not only in his personal life, but also in his brand.Ittehad Textiles Black & White Collection 2018 New Dresses

HSY has numerous prestigious awards and honors in his name that reflect how far he has gone and all that he has been able to achieve. This summer, his collection is as exciting as the previous ones. HSY collaborated with Ittehad Textile, who is also one of the market leaders in the textile industry to launch its clothing line this season. HSY Summer Lawn Collection 2018 By Ittehad Textiles presents traditional prints sewn with the latest styles and cuts that are fashionable in the market at this time.

You can get an idea of ??our sewing styles collected from Pakistani dresses that will give you a detailed idea of ??the latest trends. Therefore, for women who choose HSY summer turf this season, they may get confused, whether they need to choose these designs or not, because many of you are already showing your love for classy prints by Alkaram lawn collection or Sana Safinaz Summer Collection. Trust me You will find soft and dark shades of various colors in this HSY 2018 summer clothing collection. The beautiful intricate embroidery is represented in an interesting range of patterns designed by the dazzling Mehreen Syed model.
Ittehad Textiles Black & White Collection 2018 New Dresses

It has been more than two decades since HSY entered the fashion scene and started in Pakistan and then expanded internationally. Its success has become a point of reference for other new designers to follow and learn from it. HSY is also highly qualified and academically equipped when it comes to fashion entertainment. The bridal collections of HSY are one of the best preferences for brides these days and fashion experts expect each of their shows at the fashion show every year. Each line by Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is inspired and takes fashion to a new level. He has become a celebrity now and continues to impress people from all over the world with his talented mind and his perfected skills.

HSY believes that fashion can take someone a lot in terms of fashion, expression and class. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is at the top of the list when it comes to creating the perfect amalgam of traditional techniques and contemporary silhouettes. His inspirations are the design that comes from the beauty that exists in abundance in the Middle East and clearly in Pakistan with touches of Western flavors. Did you check the Ittehad Textiles Crystal Lawn collection? You will know about this textile how they are taking designs seriously and giving rejuvenated impressions.Ittehad Textiles Black & White Collection 2018 New DressesIttehad Textiles Black & White Collection 2018 New Dresses