Japanese Skin Care Secret


Japanese Skin Care Secret-0As we all know, Japanese women are famous for their beautiful skin and innocent looks, no matter how old they are, they always look younger their age and cutter for their age, I know one Japanese woman who look 27 or around whereas she is exactly 49 years of old and I know her personally so I know that she does so much to keep her skin and her face and body young and beautiful and I know that she is the most healthiest and the most simplest woman I know, she eat lots of uncooked food and she drinks green tea like we drink water and she never drink cold water, she drink a bit worm water no matter what is the season, and yes have you heard about their wet worm towel tradition that they offer you when you , no matter who and where you go? Well yes it is true and they still practice it, so even if you live in the polluted and the horrible environment, you will get nothing from it and you can wipe it off as soon as you get home, what a charming tradition.

Japanese Skin Care Secret

Japanese skin care routine according to the Chizu Saeki the most famous skin guru and the creator of the book “The Japanese Skin Care Revolution” (2009) and she says that you need time and sense to look after your skin and it has nothing to do with money and ready to use skin products, she added if you spend 20 minutes in applying any make up then you need to spend 20 to remove it too and you will never get any kind of skin issue, that is the routine she shared with the media.

Japanese Skin Care Secret-

FOAM CLEANSING is her famous mantra to get beautiful and healthy clean skin, she said that whatever you use to clean your face you need to make a foam of it and that foam will clean your face, don’t let your fingers touch your skin,

Japanese Skin Care Secret-01

first of all you need to know which face wash is good for you and then make a foam of it and then apply that foam on your special Foaming Net that is sold in many Asian stores or you can make your won one with any soft and delicate net and now let your net clean your skin for at least a minute and if you are using something herbal then you can use two minutes too.

Japanese Skin Care Secret-02

The next step would be lotion or toner it is a very obligatory step and it will balance the PH level and normally they don’t use toners and they use lotion or serum for that and they take some lotion in their hands and then apply all over your face and if you want to apply serum then this is the time,

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they don’t use serum as something optional, they use it as necessary and that is the only routine that they follow for every day, they use scrubber three times a week and mask every day, but they don’t use peel off every day, they use peel off three times a month though.